CLIPSAL 439S15 Plug Top, Straight, 3 Pin, 15A, 250V

Catalogue Number: 439S15

Plugs, Rewireable Plugs, Plug PVC 15A suit 1.5mm² ordinary duty flex, comes with insulated active and neutral pins, EO, GY, TR, WE.

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439S15 Plug Top, Straight, 3 Pin, 15A, 250V

Flexible yet unbreakable, these plugs feature an internal cord anchor and external cord grip to keep cords firmly in place. Terminal pin clamp screws are riveted and backed off ready for fast flexible cord connection. An instant external visual check for correct connections is provided in the base of plug

Edition 92 Trade Product Guide Page # 107

Key Features

  • 3 pin (insulated and active neutral pin)
  • Suitable for 1.5 sq mm ordinary duty three core flexible cords

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